Direct Tech is run by Celto Contracting Limited

Direct Tech prices are extremely competitive in the marketplace and we understand how looking after your Information Technology increases and maintains productivity both in your personal life as well as in education and business.

 Vision: Direct Tech is committed to providing quality computer services and products by developing strong client relationships - becoming your technology partner. I operate my business with integrity, courage and conviction.
I (Iain Robertson) am very relentless at resolving issues for people, I always have a solution to overcome a problem.

Over the last 15 years, I've worked hard to build a trusted reputation as a supplier of technology products and services to consumers, businesses and count many of New Zealand's businesses, government departments and educational institutes as customers.

As of 2019, Direct Tech and Director Iain Robertson has started to establish itself in Bream Bay, Northland as a small business operating from home serving locals onsite.
Direct Tech is part of a lifestyle with sister business Thistle Bees.